Drama Club
Sponsors:  Michele Craig

Dramatic Arts Club is a performance organization.  Membership is obtained by paying dues, attending meetings, and selling tickets for performances.  Because some public events are open to all Valparaiso High School students, those participating are also subject to Drama Club restrictions since the event is sponsored by the Drama Club.

Purpose and Philosophy

The purpose of the Valparaiso High School Drama Club is to provide the average and talented student a reasonable chance to be involved in a variety of performing, producing, and directing situations in the theater.  This variety is illustrated through our program of events.  Its effectiveness parallels the amount of time any one student dedicates to the club.

Every two years, a student at VHS has a chance to audition for a musical, a drama, a comedy, and occasionally a children’s show. Every year, variety show performances are available.  The club attends some professional shows in Chicago each year.  The club also has a Christmas outing and spring outing to Chicago.  We try to meet as a club at least once a month at a regularly scheduled time.  Additional meetings are announced over the P.A. and through communications on the Drama and Speech Bulletin Board between RD107 and TL 102.

Membership Requirement

1. A student must pay dues of $5.00 by the end of September.

2. A member must work on a crew for at least 1 show during the year.

3. A member must attend a majority of meeting.

4. A member must attempt to sell tickets for every production.

Theater Staff Requirement

1. You become a staff member through application and acceptance the first month of the school year.

2. A staff member must attend all meetings for the duration of the meeting.  If an emergency arises, the staff member should notify the Sponsor.

3. A staff member must be a Junior or Senior and have been a member for at least 1 year. Freshmen and sophomores may apply for staff membership but would only be used in cases where other responsible students weren’t available.

Rules and Regulations for Club Members

1. Any member violating the Extracurricular Clubs and Activities Behavior Policy will be greatly restricted in activity as determined by the situation and the involvement.  This restriction will be determined by the club sponsor in conjunction with administrators.

2. The second offense of the above will result in expulsion from the club.

Rules and Regulations for Show Performance

1. Each cast/crew member must follow the rules established by the director at the beginning of a rehearsal period.  These rules include attendance, conduct, attitude, etc.  Refusal to meet these requirements will result in dismissal from the cast/crew, and may restrict the performer from 40% or more of the season.

2. A member of a cast must maintain passing grades in his/her academic classes.

General Statement of Conduct

The VHS Drama Club believes that since it has a performing function that serves the cultural needs of the community, each member should represent the club at public performance functions of any kind with dignity and finesse, in action, appearance, and attitude.  We are proud of our function and presentations, and would like our community to be supportive and proud of us also.  Actions of individuals are often contributed to the entire group.  Members should therefore represent the club in a respectable manner at all times.

Last Modified on March 27, 2015