Rules and Penalties for Clubs

Regulations and Rules - Extra-Curricular (Non Athletic Participation)

The Extra-curricular Club and Activity program in Valparaiso High School is a valuable part of the total educational program.  Some of the benefits to the students include the opportunity to gain leadership skills and a sense of responsibility, provide service to others, develop healthy social relationships, and to experience further educational challenges. Students participating in extra-curricular clubs and activities are required to abide by the rules as listed in the Parent/Student Handbook including, but not limited to, the attendance rules and the School Behavior Code. Those students who participate in extra-curricular clubs and activities should be an exemplary representative of Valparaiso Community Schools and the community.  Therefore, in addition to the previously mentioned rules, participating students are required to abide by the following additional rules A through C which are in effect during the calendar year:

Rule A. Students are not to possess or attempt to purchase, sell, use or be under the influence of any substances represented to be illicit drugs, improperly obtained prescription drugs, alcohol, stimulant, products designed to be smoked or inhaled, or intoxicant of any kind, and/or any product whose use produces an altered mental or physical state when used. Attendance at an activity whether school related or not, where the above rule violation(s) are taking place will constitute a violation of the rule.
Rule B. Every student shall be subject to the penalty provisions listed below if he/she or she has acted in a manner that would constitute a crime if committed by an adult or that could result in a criminal charge brought in juvenile or adult court.
Rule C. Every student shall be subject to the sponsor’s own rules that he/she has established prior to the start of the activity regarding any rules not covered by the above guidelines. These rules shall be in writing so that there will be no misunderstanding on the part of the participants and their parents/legal guardians.

A.  Enforcement Procedure
No penalties set forth below shall be imposed until the member is afforded an opportunity for an informal hearing conducted by the appropriate principal responsible for the administration of the club or activity in the presence of the sponsor, which includes:

1.  A written or oral statement of the charges against the member.
2.  A summary of the evidence, if he/she denies the charge.
3.  An opportunity for the member to explain his/her conduct.

If the principal decides that a penalty set forth below should be imposed against the member, he/she will, within 24 hours of the informal hearing, or such additional time as is reasonably necessary, send a written statement to the member and to the member’s parents describing the conduct, misconduct or violation of the rule or rules, the reasons for the action taken by the principal, and the penalty imposed.

B.   Violations
After the informal hearing, the assistant principal shall impose the following penalties if he/she determines that any of the rules in the Parent/Student Handbook and/or Rules A through C as previously listed in this section applies have been violated.   All penalties commence on the date of the written statement to the student and to the student’s parents.

1.  First Violation
The member shall be ineligible to participate in 50% of the activities of the organization(s).  The principal shall determine consequences of the student’s alleged behavior after conferring with the sponsor.
2.  Second Violation
Student will be ineligible for membership in clubs or activities for a period of one year.
3.  Third Violation
Student is permanently ineligible for membership in clubs and activities.


The appeal procedure for extracurricular activities is as follows:

The Student Conduct Review Committee shall convene at the request of a student who is subject to proposed disciplinary action, which falls within the Committee’s jurisdiction, or at the request of a parent.  The request for convening the Student Conduct Review Committee shall be made in writing to the High School principal no later than forty-eight hours (excluding weekends or school holidays) after the student receives written and/or oral notification of the intent to proceed with disciplinary action.  Upon receipt of the written request for convening the Student Conduct Review Committee, the High School principal shall arrange for Committee members to be drawn by lot, and the Review Committee, having been duly selected, shall convene an evidentiary hearing within seventy-two hours. Neither party at the appeal proceeding is to be represented by an attorney; however, both parties may have an attorney outside the room to serve as counsel during the appeal hearing.  At this evidentiary hearing, the Student Conduct Review Committee shall hear any and all evidence, testimony and witnesses presented by the parent or student.  Within twenty four hours following the evidentiary hearing, the Student Conduct Review Committee shall report to the High School principal as to the propriety of the proposed disciplinary action.


VHS seeks to offer clubs and activities that enhance the educational experience of each student.  Persons interested in organizing a club or activity should contact the Assistant Principal responsible for extracurricular activities.  A sponsor or other designated school employee will supervise all meetings and activities.  The meetings will occur at the designated times and meeting areas as determined by the administration.  No meeting shall materially and substantially interfere with the orderly conduct of educational activities within the school.  No unlawful conduct will be permitted.  Non-school persons may not direct, conduct, control, or regularly attend activities of student groups.


The most important “rule” for students is that everyone’s behavior at school events (dances, etc.) shall be appropriate to the event and reflect appropriately on the student, school, and community.  Participation in graduation ceremony is a privilege.  Violations of the “School Behavior Code” or other provisions of the Student-Parent Handbook or nonpayment of tuition or other monies owed to the Valparaiso Community Schools may result in the student’s exclusion from the Prom, graduation ceremonies, and other end-of the-year programs.  School sock hops are only for VHS students.  VHS graduates will be admitted to the dance on an individual basis.   Middle School students are NOT to attend high school dances.  The Homecoming, Christmas, and King of Hearts dances are open to guests of VHS students if the guests are in the 9th grade or above and must be no more than 20 years of age.  All guests must have the approval of the administration in order to receive a guest pass.  A special form will be available from the main office for guests to the Prom.  Only juniors and seniors and their guest will, not more than 20 years of age, may attend the Prom.  Sophomores may NOT attend the prom.

The following are policies of the school for such events:
1.     There will be NO smoking or alcohol consumption on school grounds; persons suspected of drinking shall not be admitted.  Violators shall be disciplined accordingly. 
2.     Persons entering shall enter only once; persons leaving before the event’s end cannot reenter.
3.     Only VHS students are invited; graduate VHS students may attend certain events when accompanying VHS students.  Guest passes will be issued for formal dances.
4.     School dress shall be the attire for students unless otherwise specified.
5.     There shall be no peculiar or unusual conduct permitted during the event.
6.     At each event there shall be a deadline time for admittance, after which no additional students shall be admitted.
7.     Students shall respect and cooperate with the chaperons.
8.     Hours of the events shall be announced ahead of time and shall end promptly.

Violation of these rules shall mean expulsion from the event and possible removal to parents or to law authorities.  A student must be in attendance at least four (4) periods in order to attend or participate in any extracurricular activities that day, unless prearranged with school officials.  Students may not participate or attend extracurricular events that occur over the weekend if unexcused from school on the preceding Friday.

Students who are suspended from school may not participate in extracurricular events during the times of their suspensions.  If a suspension continues from late one week until early into the next, weekend participation or attendance is also denied.

Last Modified on March 27, 2015