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The eighth grade teaching team has designed a program called SUCCESS, which incorporates five areas we want to emphasize as making a more complete or successful student: scholarship, attendance, citizenship, extracurricular activities, and service. To learn more click here.

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What NOT to wear!

Drop Off Policy:
When something is brought to the office the student is responsible for coming to the office to pick up the item. Items will not be delivered to students, and students will not be notified they have items waiting for them in the office. You may choose, however, to sign in and take it to your child's locker.  You may not disturb a class by delivering it directly to your child.

Rules and Reminders

Traffic Flow Information

Online resources for math, science, and social studies can now be accessed through links found on the Staff page to the left or by clicking on the following links: Science, Social Studies, Math.


If your child is leaving school for any reason during regular school hours you need to send a note with them. They will take that note to Mrs. Stipp in the Guidance Office BEFORE school and receive a pass to be given to their teacher.  At the time of the appointment the teacher will dismiss your child to meet you in the office.  We understand some appointments are made the same day and you cannot send a note, but please call and let us know you will be picking up your child prior to your arrival.  We appreciate  your following this procedure allowing us to cause the least amount of disruption to class instruction time.