Employment Opportunities
Valparaiso Community Schools serves the families of the City of Valparaiso.  The district includes eight elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school. 

Valparaiso Community Schools supports the principle that all persons are entitled to equal employment opportunity without regard to race, religion, color, marital status, national origin, sex, age, handicapping conditions or limited English proficiency.   

Those interested in Teaching/Certified Positions are requested to apply on-line (EdZapp).  Please click on the icon below.  When uploading documents to EdZapp use Firefox.
Classified Positions:
Classified Application  CLICK HERE
-   If you are applying for a food service position, please complete the application 
       and send directly to: 
            Food Service
            Valparaiso High School
            2727 N. Campbell Street
- If you are applying for a position in the transportation department,
       please contact the transportation department directly for instructions
       (219) 531-3120.
Classified Postings -
 HVAC Craftsman - (Job Description)
 General Maintenance Craftsman - (Job Description)
 School Nurse RN - (Job Description)
 Title I Instructional Paraprofessional - (Job Description)
 Title I instructional Paraprofessional - Porter County Juvenile Detention Center - (Job Description)
 Bus Driver - Contact the transportation department  for details (219) 531-3120
 Internal Candidates Only: please submit a written request to the principal
 Custodian - Thomas Jefferson Middle School -(Job Description)
 Substitute Teachers -for additional details:  http://www.valpo.k12.in.us/Page/983
 Substitute Instructional Paraprofessional - (Job Description)
 Food Service Substitute -(Job Description)
Internal Candidates Only: submit a written request to the building principal
Administration -
None at this time.
Certified Positions:
Administration -
 None at this time.
Teaching Positions -
   Internal Candidates requesting a transfer please submit a written request to Human Resources for the Superintendents review.
None at this time.
None at this time.

 Extra- Curricular
Letters of Interest/Resumes are to be sent directly to the Building Principal unless otherwise directed.
Valparaiso High School -  
    Science Olympiad Co-Sponsor
  None at this time. 
   Athletics -
    Athletic Trainer
    Assistant Football Coach 
    Assistant Girls Track Coach 
    Junior Varsity Softball Coach - 2015 Season Only
Benjamin Franklin Middle School
 None at this time.
Thomas Jefferson Middle School -
 None at this time.

Math Bowl Sponsor 1/2 - Flint Lake Elementary School