Technology in VCS

As technology is ever present in today's society, Valparaiso Community Schools is working to expand technology and technology-based curriculum for all students in all grades and all schools.  From mobile labs at VHS to iPads in kindergarten, VCS is striving to provide the best technologically-supported educational experience for its 6000+ students every day.

VCS Tech News 

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VCS Technology Usage

Because of the variety of technology resources provided to students and staff, Valparaiso Community Schools requires all technology be used in a responsible, ethical, and legal manner as outlined in the Acceptable Use Policy.  Students and staff are required to sign Technology Acceptable Use Policy Agreements each year. 

Technology Resources 

Students and staff are provided numerous technology resources that may be accessed from school or home.  To access the links to these resources (found under Student Tools and Teacher Tools), students and staff must login to the VCS website.  Additionally, Valparaiso Community Schools offers Google Apps for Education.