High Ability

The Valparaiso Community School Corporation follows the Indiana Code for defining high ability students.  High ability students are individuals from different cultural, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups who perform, or show the potential to perform, at an outstanding level of accomplishment in at least one domain when compared to other students of the same age, expertise, or environment. (IC 20-36-1-3).

High Ability Contacts

Name School Position Email
Jim McCall Valparaiso Community Schools Assistant Superintendent jmccall@valpo.k12.in.us
John Miller Flint Lake Elementary Dean of Students/High Ability Coordinator johnmiller@valpo.k12.in.us
Erin Hawkins  Flint Lake Elementary  Principal ehawkins@valpo.k12.in.us
Jean Sienkowski Central Elementary Principal jsienkowski@valpo.k12.in.us
Jasmin Aurand Central Elementary  Kindergarten jaurand@valpo.k12.in.us
Nina Erler Central Elementary 5th Grade nerler@valpo.k12.in.us
Annette Aust Flint Lake Elementary 5th Grade aaust@valpo.k12.in.us
Erin Blumenthal Flint Lake Elementary 2nd Grade eblumenthal@valpo.k12.in.us
Annamarie Brady Cooks Corners Elementary 5th Grade abrady@valpo.k12.in.us
Jen Hoefler Memorial Elementary 1st Grade jhoefler@valpo.k12.in.us
Traci Coil Hayes Leonard Elementary 3rd Grade tcoil@valpo.k12.in.us
Sam Ostafinski Hayes Leonard Elementary 1st Grade sostafinski@valpo.k12.in.us
Amanda Strietelmeier Hayes Leonard Elementary Kindergarten astrietelmeier@valpo.k12.in.us
 Courtney Smith Northview Elementary  5th Grade cmith@valpo.k12.in.us