Student Assistance

Counselors and Social Workers


School counselors and social workers are a part of the total educational team of a school; working with colleagues from other disciplines to provide the best possible learning environment for all students. The Valparaiso Community Schools' Social Services Department focuses on early intervention, prevention, and education of children in dealing with today's social concerns.


Through the use of assessment, counseling, consultation, and coordination of services, social workers provide unique services for students, parents, staff, and the community. They offer a variety of programs and services for students and families; empowering them with the skills to deal more successfully with life's challenges

Cicely Powell, LCSW

Director of School Culture and Student Service

VCS Social Worker Department Head

Valparaiso High School 219-531-3070 ext. 5544

Cooks Corners Elementary 219-531-3040


Elementary School

Erin Sachse, M.Ed.

Parkview Elementary – 219-531-3110 ext. 2420


Vanessa Leal-Bireutte, MSW

Central Elementary – 219-531-3030 ext.2015


Amy Noonan, LCSW

Thomas Jefferson Elementary  219-531-3130 ext. 2107


Debi Sibray, MSW, LSW

Heavilin Elementary – 219-476-8820 ext. 2257


Amy Parsons, LCSW

Northview Elementary – 219-531-3100 ext. 2511


Tori Redar, LCSW, LSSW

Behavior Specialist

Flint Lake Elementary – 219-531-3160 ext. 3108


Jody Kristoff, MSW, LSW

Flint Lake Elementary – 219-531-3160 ext. 3344


Courtney Stonehill, LCSW, LSSW

Memorial Elementary School – 219-531-3090 ext. 2337


Middle Schools

Benjamin Franklin Middle School – 219-531-3020

Rebekah Cowan - Guidance Counselor

Tammy Hofer- Guidance Counselor

Carolyn Ostafinski, MSW, LSW - Social Worker


Thomas Jefferson Middle School - 219-531-3140

Jamie Carlson - Guidance Counselor

Deborah Kleist - Guidance Counselor

Trisha Keown, MSW, LSW - Social Worker


High School

 VHS Guidance 531-3070

Meet Your Counselors Counselor Assignments
Mrs. Gloria Zimmerman A-Dal
Ms. Gordana Sormaz Dam-Hr
Ms. Jessica Beemsterboer Hs-Milk
Mr. Ryan McSparin Mill-Schr
Mrs. Roberta Garcia Schs-Z

Guidance Secretary

Carol Jennings



Barb Carter, Registrar


Social Worker

Natalie Miller, MSW – 219-531-3070 ext. 5325