VCS believes that an effective assessment plan recognizes the relationship between a school district’s mission and vision, state learning standards, district curriculum, classroom instruction, formative and summative assessment, and student learning. One goal of the VCS Education Department is to promote assessment literacy throughout the district and learning community and to ensure that assessment is fulfilling its intended role.

State Testing Moving Forward in Indiana

In order to stay well informed and meet student needs, IDOE plans to administer state- and federally-mandated assessments this Spring. Learning systems have significantly changed over the last 10 months due to the pandemic. Assessment data will help stakeholders understand the impact of these challenges to student learning. Please review the attached flyer for more information.

IDOE Memorandum regarding 2021 Test Administration

IDOE Flyer

Valparaiso Community School Assessment Information

From the Indiana Department of Education:

What is an Assessment Literate Individual?

Assessment literacy includes three big ideas: What someone knows about assessment, what someone believes about assessment, and what someone does with assessment.

An Assessment Literate Individual:

  • Understands the types and purposes of assessment;
  • Believes that assessment is an essential part of teaching and learning;
  • Utilizes data to drive informed decision-making for the success of every child.

Who should be Assessment Literate?

A wide variety of stakeholders should understand key aspects of assessment for informed decision-making. These stakeholders include:

  • Students
  • Parents
  • Educators
  • Community Members
  • Voters
  • Policy-Makers

Each role has an important part in assessment: from participating in assessment, to creating assessments, to understanding and using assessment data for important decision-making.

Assessment Literacy (State Tests - IDOE)
Indiana ILEARN Information (IDOE)