January 29, 2021 Return to Learn Status Update

Good Afternoon Vikings,


As a result of Porter County’s COVID-19 Alert Level change to Orange Status and guidance from the Porter County Health Department, Valparaiso Community Schools operations will align to the Orange Status protocols in the updated Return to Learn plan effective today, January 29, 2021. Please note, this status change will impact extracurricular events and does not affect health and safety protocols in the schoolhouse. 


Although the metrics in our county are improving, it is critical to continue our high level of vigilance in adhering to safety protocols both in the schoolhouse and in the community. Thus far, we have witnessed a tremendous community effort to maintain a healthy and safe environment for students, staff, families, and our greater Valparaiso community. We will continue to work through these difficult times together. 


Partners in Education,


Jim McCall, PhD

Superintendent of Schools