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The Valparaiso Community Schools’ transportation services cover Center Township, which is 30 square miles. The school district owns 69 buses; 57 are used on regular routes each school day traveling 2,350 miles collectively. An average of 4,500 students, or 85% of the total student population, are transported daily. For information concerning your home school’s bus schedule, contact the school. The Transportation Office is located in the Valparaiso Community Schools’ Service Center.
From the Transportation Dept. -
Individual student bus information will be accessible through the Skyward Parent Access link. If you have more than one (1) student attending Valparaiso Community Schools, please check each of their individual records for their bus information. Bus information can change often especially during the beginning of the school year, so check back frequently for any changes that may occur. Please remember that students need to be out at their assigned bus stops 5-10 minutes prior to the listed bus stop time. The times are generated by a computer so please be aware that times can and will vary.
Thank you for your consideration.

Richard Spicer

Director of Transportation

[email protected]


Service Center
55 Evans Avenue
Valparaiso, IN 46383

219-531-3120 Transportation
219-465-9199 Maintenance