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IF YOU HAVE A LIFE EVENT, such as a Marriage, Divorce, Newborn, Loss of Insurance; you have 30 days to contact your Benefits department 219-531-3000. 
Group Health Insurance RX Change–
Effective 10/1/17, the following changes will be made to the Rx Benefit for Employees of VCS who are covered under the Group Health Insurance Plan through Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield:
Anthem Health and Vision
Additional information:
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Live Health Online
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Delta Dental Plan
Additional Dental Information:
Life Insurance

Hartford Supplemental Life Costs - 26 pays Hartford Costs 24 deductions 
Hartford Supplemental Life Costs - 20 pays Hartford Costs 18 deductions
Hartford Life Insurance Beneficiary Designation Form 
Long Term Disability

Indiana HRA Plan Documents
Indiana VEBA HRA Plan Document - Post Separation Full 213(d)
 Indiana VEBA HRA Plan Document - Limited HRA Plan (PRC Effective 01-01-17)
Medical Reimbursement Claim Form
Dependent Care Reimbursement Claim Form
 Change of Beneficiary- AF
AFLAC Claim Forms
Questions regarding your AFLAC policy, please contact Kelly Warren -219-226-1633 or the AFLAC Call Center at 800-99-AFLAC (23522)

Accident Claim Form - (Form)
Accident Wellness Form - (Form)
Hospital Plan Claim Form - (Form)
Hospital Wellness Form - (Form)
 Cancer Claim Form - (Form)
Cancer Wellness Form - (Form) (Form)
Critical Illness Wellness Form - (Form)
 Critical Illness Claim Form - (Form)
Initial Disability (Form)
Continuing Disability (Form)
Retirement Plans: plans are available through VALIC or VOYA.
All Eligible Participants in the Valparaiso Community School Retirement Plans (403(b) and 457): To begin or make changes to your retirement plan, please contact Jeannette Dixon (VALIC) at 219-756-6104 or Chris Frain (VOYA) at 219-926-1182 ext 255.
403b Plan Notification
 Salary Reduction Agreement (VALIC)
 VOYA Salary Reduction Agreement
Updated prospectuses and/or financial reports are available for the mutual fund investment options offered in your Valparaiso Community Schools retirement plan. You may access this updated material from the plan provider, VALIC or through the HR Department.

Change for Address, Name Change, Beneficiary change, Transfers, Deletions Please call Omi Suiter (Benefits Coordinator) at
Valparaiso Community Schools
3801 N. Campbell St, Valparaiso, IN 46385
Phone 219-531-3000