IF YOU HAVE A LIFE CHANGING EVENT such as a Marriage, Divorce, Newborn, or Loss of Insurance; you only have 30 days to contact your Benefits department to make the necessary changes to your health and dental coverages.  
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St. Mary's Medical Center
We now have two locations to visit:
3800 St. Mary Drive Valparaiso
1451 West Morthland Drive Valparaiso
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Delta Dental Plan
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Hartford Life and Long Term Disability
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American Fidelity Supplemental Insurances
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Questions regarding your AFLAC policy, please contact Kelly Warren -219-226-1633 or the AFLAC Call Center at 800-99-AFLAC (23522)

AFLAC Claim Forms:
2021 Meaningful & Model Notices: 
Retirement Plans:
VCS has retirement plans through Valic and Voya.

To begin or make changes to your retirement plan, please contact:
Jillian Kucik (VALIC) by cell
at  219-216-1489 or by email at or
Chris Frain (VOYA)
at 219-926-1182 or by email at

You may also visit for more information.