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IF YOU HAVE A LIFE EVENT, such as a Marriage, Divorce, Newborn, Loss of Insurance; you have 30 days to contact your Benefits department 219-531-3000. 
Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Express Scripts is transitioning to IngenioRx Effective July 1, 2019.
Anthem Health and Vision
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Live Health Online
Quick and easy access to a doctor 24/7
Delta Dental Plan
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Life Insurance
Hartford Supplemental Life Costs - 26 pays Hartford Costs 24 deductions 
Hartford Supplemental Life Costs - 20 pays Hartford Costs 18 deductions
Hartford Life Insurance Beneficiary Designation Form 
Long Term Disability
Indiana HRA Plan Documents
Indiana VEBA HRA Plan Document - Post Separation Full 213(d)
 Indiana VEBA HRA Plan Document - Limited HRA Plan (PRC Effective 01-01-17)
American Fidelity Supplemental Insurances
Medical Reimbursement Claim Form
Dependent Care Reimbursement Claim Form
 Change of Beneficiary- AF
AFLAC Claim Forms
Questions regarding your AFLAC policy, please contact Kelly Warren -219-226-1633 or the AFLAC Call Center at 800-99-AFLAC (23522)

Accident Claim- (Form)
Accident Wellness- (Form)
Hospital Plan Claim- (Form)
Hospital Wellness- (Form)
 Cancer Claim- (Form)
Cancer Wellness- (Form)
Critical Illness Wellness- (Form)
 Critical Illness Claim- (Form)
Initial Disability- (Form)
Continuing Disability- (Form)
Retirement Plans:

Plans are available through VALIC or VOYA.
To begin or make changes to your retirement plan, please contact Jillian Kucik (VALIC) by cell at 219-216-1489 or by email at or Chris Frain (VOYA)
at 219-926-1182 ext 255.

You may also visit for more information. 
 Salary Reduction Agreement (VALIC)
 VOYA Salary Reduction Agreement