All VCS Schools In Session Wednesday, April 20

All VCS schools, including those closed on April 19, will be in session on Wednesday, April 20.  The safety of students and staff will continue to be of utmost importance.  As such, the following protocols will be in place at Ben Franklin, Memorial, Central, Heavilin, Parkview, and VALE until the Boil Advisory is lifted.


Hand Washing:

  • Hand washing protocol will consist of soap & water washing, drying, and the use of hand sanitizer as an extra sanitation step
  • Additional supervision will be in place to ensure hand washing protocols are followed



  • Students are encouraged to bring their own bottled water from home
  • Refilling stations in the school will be turned off
  • Additional bottled water will also be made available for students & staff
  • Students participating in after-school or extracurricular activities should bring extra water


Breakfast & Lunch:

  • Water from directly plumbed lines will not be used for any food preparation
  • School breakfast and lunch will be pre-packaged
  • Students are encouraged to bring a healthy snack to school


After the Boil Advisory:

  • Once the boil advisory is lifted, plumbed lines will be flushed and cleaned, including fixtures, ice machines, dispensers, etc.


Thank you for your support and understanding as we work to get the affected VCS students and staff back to school as soon as possible despite this unforeseen water main break and boil advisory.  We are committed to doing so safely and with all prudent steps in place to ensure successful school operations.