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Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines provide the established and official standards for the district's visual identity. These guidelines are to be applied to all materials, including print or digital, and include  guidelines on the proper use of the logos, colors, fonts, and official messaging.

This page provides detailed information to ensure the VCS brand is presented appropriately while utilizing any and all communication channels.


The color palette sets a visual tone for our brand. Green creates a strong recall when consistently associated with Valparaiso Community Schools. 
  • Green, White, Black, and shades of Gray create the foundation of the VCS color palette, with very selective use of highlight (HL) colors including Bright Green, Gold, and Dark Green.
  • Color gradation is a common practice to give design assets depth and warmth. Gradation should only be within a color (VCS green to VCS HL green) and NOT between colors (black to VCS green or white to VCS green).


Utilizing consistent fonts contributes to a strong brand and aides in clear communication.
Written Communications, Documents, etc
  • Lato (headline)
  • Yanonne Kaffeesatz (sub headline)
  • Open Sans (body copy)
Signage, Posters, etc
  • Uni Sans
  • Athletic (alternate)


A logo is an icon that symbolizes the VCS Brand and represents our district's history, spirit, and values. It should be used on all print media, all communication platforms, websites, and other external communications.
Logo placement and usage:
  • The logo should be prominent and visible in all visual communications.
  • It should not be placed with another graphic or edited to create a new logo treatment.
  • For legibility, keep the area around the logo clear and do not place the logo on 'busy' backgrounds.
  • Do not change or modify logos in any way.
  • *IMPORTANT* - Only official logo files should be used.


Official Downloads of VCS Brand Guidelines & Logos: