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From time to time your child may be required to take medication during school hours. Parents, nurses and physicians are aware of the challenges that sometime occur when trying to balance learning, activities and medications. For this reason, we request that you discuss strategies with your health care provider in order to give medications at home.

Student Health Services provides acute and chronic health care as needed for our students. To assure safe and effective use of medications, please follow these guidelines, which reflect the requirements of Valparaiso Community Schools and the Indiana Code.

ANY medication that is brought on school grounds MUST have an authorization on file in the nurse’s office.

Medication Information for Parents
The student is required to have on file, a written prescription by the student’s parent/guardianAND the written order from a practitioner/physician to give any medication at school. When filling a prescription, please ask your pharmacist to provide a labeled container for home use and one for school use.
Physician and parent/guardian signatures are required for all medication changes.
Prescription Medication Authorization Form
(Grades kdg-5) Written parent/guardian authorizations AND a practitioner/physician prescription are required for all medications. This is done to assure the dosage for children under 12 yrs. is appropriate for child’s specific size and age. Clear instructions from the parent/guardian AND the doctor assure appropriateness of medications and dosages. Both signatures are required for all medication changes.
Grades Kdg- 5 NON-Prescription
(Grades 6-12) Written parent/guardian authorization is required for over the counter medications. Clear instructions are required to assure appropriateness of medications and dosages.
Grades 6-12 NON- Prescription