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PE Credit Waiver Swim Test

PE Credit Waiver Swim Testing will begin in Late July 2024 and lead up to the start of the 2024-25 school year. The sign-up link will be available at the beginning of July, when the second summer school session starts.
When available, the sign-up links to schedule a time to take the PE Credit Waiver swim test will be listed below. YOU ONLY NEED TO PICK ONE TIME SLOT. Please do not pick multiple times, as this removes time availability for others to sign-up. If you cannot make the time you scheduled, please get in touch with the test administrator/Aquatics Director
Adam Nellessen ([email protected]) to reschedule. Please do not sign-up for a new time slot.  
Few additional things of note... 
2. You get a total of 2 opportunities to take the test
2. The test is all or nothing
3. If you fail a skill and would like to retake the test, you will have to retake the whole test over again, not just the specific skill.
The expectation is that everyone has watched the demo video below, understands what skills are involved and needed, and either is prepared or has been preparing to take the test. The skills in the test are those you work on throughout your time in the swim portation of PE, condensed down to a 20-minute test.