High Ability

The Valparaiso Community School Corporation follows the Indiana Code for defining high ability students. High ability students are individuals from different cultural, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups who perform, or show the potential to perform, at an outstanding level of accomplishment in at least one domain when compared to other students of the same age, expertise, or environment. (IC 20-36-1-3).

Valparaiso Community Schools Identification Plan


All students in Grades K, 2, and 5 are all administered the CoGAT assessment as a screener for a measure of ability. Students who score in the top 25% are then given additional CoGAT in a post-screener assessment. From the results, any student who scores at or above the listed percentile is identified as high ability. In addition to the CoGAT assessment, all students in grades 1st-5th are given the NWEA assessment as the measure of achievement. Students who score at or above the listed percentiles are identified as a high ability student. Finally, the Scales for Identifying Gifted Students is a standardized rating scale that is used as a qualitative measure that is used as outlined in the plan below.
Name School Position Email
Brandie Muha District Administration Director of Elementary Education bmuha@valpo.k12.in.us
Judy Malasto District Administration Director of Grants and Testing/High Ability Coordinator jmalasto@valpo.k12.in.us
Nick Allison District Administration  Director of Secondary Education nallison@valpo.k12.in.us